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Plexiglass & Polycarbonate

We sell, cut and fabricate plexiglass and polycarbonate products

Need Plexiglass or Polycarbonate Products?

Get Your Plexiglass & Polycarbonate

At Livermore Glass Company

When you need cut to size plexiglass we carry various thicknesses' of clear plexiglass and can order polycarbonate unbreakable plastics for picture frames, windows, doors, projects and picture frames.  We also carry obscure Plexiglas, Plexiglas for shower applications, and bathroom windows.

We carry clear acrylic plexiglass products in 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", and 1/2" thicknesses. These are cut to size to your specifications and requirements.  We also carry a few types of obscure acrylic products for light diffusion and privacy requirements.  We can also order super strong polycarbonate materials for you.

Plexiglass & Polycarbonate


Plexiglass & Polycarbonate


Food Shield

Sneeze Gaurd

Security Window

Shield Barriers

Providing Quality Plexiglass In The Tri-Valley

Custom Plexiglass & Polycarbonate Fabrication 

We Offer More Than Just Plexiglass


Livermore Glass stocks all types of glass styles and shapes. 

Shower Doors

Large selection of glass shower enclosures and glass shower doors 

Windows & Doors

We stock Milgard & International brand window & door products.


We carry all mirror sizes and can cut to the shapes & patterns you need.


We carry various thickness' of clear Plexiglas and polycarbonate plastics


Most of our windows and patio screens are made in-house.

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